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Traditional Greengrocers

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Supplier delivering acorss all of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Fresh fruit and vegetables are full of flavour and a real delight on the taste buds. They are rich in colour and packed with all the nutrients we need for a healthy diet. Our aim is to supply the plumpest, juiciest and freshest produce at affordable prices. We want your family and your discerning customers to tuck in and enjoy the World’s best fruit and veg.

Unlike the major supermarkets, we can change our stock daily. Our decisions are largely based on what we believe is the best looking and tasting produce that is brought to market on that day. As trusted fruit and vegetable suppliers, we also take time to get to know our regular customers and aim to meet their specific requirements.

Variety is the spice of life, so if you are looking for something that isn’t part of the standard supermarket offering, we can help. As you would expect from a traditional greengrocers, we offer seasonal produce and unusual varieties, as well as top quality favourites.

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Greengrocers delivering across all of Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire

We’re open every day of the week and select from our colourful array of fruit, veg and salad items. We promise great value and a friendly service.

Delivery to all of Bucks & Herts

Fresh fruit and veg

We are able to offer free delivery for orders placed online for over £30. Chose top quality fruit and veg using our online shop and we will deliver it right to your door step. If we’ve not got your preferred variety or an unusual ingredient for a recipe, let us know as we may well be able to source it.

Anything else?

Online Fruit & Veg Supplier If it is more convenient, we offer you’re the chance to buy fresh fruit online. Register for an account and you can place a regular order for fruit and veg boxes, filled with your selection of produce. There’s no compromise on quality and we offer free delivery, within a 20 mile radius for all orders of £30 or over.

Contact Us or call Colin on: 07462 088837 or Leon on: 07462 088839 or speak to us at the stall.