Beating cold and flu with lemons from your local greengrocer

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It’s getting to that time of year where all of us at some point will have the dreaded stuffy noses and scratchy throats that don’t seem to leave us be! That’s why your local greengrocer is on a mission to get rid of those colds and keep them at bay with the power of lemons!

This month, we look at why lemons are so good at making us feel better and how, if we continue to keep them in our diets, we may be able to keep those colds at bay!

Get rid of that sore throat with the perfect lemon

There is no doubt that lemons have a certain beauty and quality about them, standing them apart from all other fruits. With bold colours and zesty tastes, it’s no wonder that they are not just a culinary delight but support our health and wellbeing as well. If you are looking to detox, why not combine the zest and juice in warm water? Lemon water drunk early in the morning encourages the healthy function of the liver and kidneys. Once your lemon drink reaches your system, lemons can help balance your pH levels, helping to regulate your cholesterol and support your digestion.

Lemons are full of Vitamin C, and this vitamin plays a crucial part in supporting your body and immune system. One lemon holds about half the daily intake requirement of vitamin C (pretty impressive for the little yellow citrus fruit). Lemons also contain potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium and phosphorous – all contributing to our health.

With our zesty yellow friend being the feature in many over the counter medicines for cold and flu symptoms, why not try a natural remedy that will not only soothe your symptoms but help you to build a resistance to those annoying cold symptoms coming back in the future.

Lemons – the natural way to beat that cold

The results are in, and the experts have agreed – nanna was right to tell you to drink hot lemon drinks to beat that cold. A study completed by Cardiff University’s common cold Centre has revealed that a warming hot lemon drink will indeed give you relief from those horrible cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and tiredness.

If you are looking for a natural cold and flu reliever, we recommend stocking up on some of our lemons today! Simply add to hot water or check out some of these fabulous recipes to bring your cold reliever to life:

Hot Lemonade

Honey Lemon Tea

Honey Lemon Ginger Jar

Buying large lemons from your local greengrocer

We know you can go to your local supermarket and pick up your lemons, but we are here to tell you there are several benefits to choosing your local greengrocer instead. When you shop local, you are supporting often small businesses and your local community. You can also be guaranteed the freshest produce available. Your fruit, therefore, won’t have been sitting in a cool room or the supermarket for days at a time! Your greengrocer is no doubt picking up your lemons at the crack of dawn, ready for you to visit.

Conscious of your impact on the environment? You’ll be happy to know that produce from your local greengrocer has often done fewer miles than large chain shops. Your local greengrocer will usually buy direct from buyers, so your product doesn’t have to fly halfway across the country! Shopping with your local greengrocer gives you value for money. This, combined with beautiful tasting produce, is a winner for us.

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Worlds Best Fruit – your local greengrocer is beating colds naturally!

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